On-Farm Consultations

Gold Package

On-Farm Balanced Diet Consultation with a Hay Analysis 

The gold package is the top of the line nutrition package offered by Balanced Bay. 

$220.00 CAD (+ $70.00 CAD lab fee)

Silver Package

On-Farm Balanced Diet Consultation

The silver package offered by Balanced Bay is designed for those situations where hay changes regularly (e.g. large boarding facility) or if a hay analysis has already been completed.

$220.00 CAD

Bronze Package

On-Farm Nutrition Recommendations & a Hay Analysis

The bronze package offered by Balanced Bay is designed to give you an overview of your horse's nutrition program. 

$170.00 CAD (+ $70.00 CAD lab fee)

Hay Analysis

On-Farm Hay Analysis & Written Interpretation

This is for horse owners who simply want their hay analyzed. Madeline will travel to your farm, take core samples from a minimum of 7-10 bales and send the hay to the lab for analysis. After the analysis is back you will be sent the full lab report as well as her written up interpretation of the hay analysis results. 

$90.00 CAD (+ $70.00 CAD lab fee)

For a quick response please email Madeline at balancedbaynutrition@gmail.com 

Include the service you are interested in and where you are located. Additional travel fees may apply.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions!


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