Balanced Bay offers select company collaborations. If you are interested in discussing a potential collaboration please contact Madeline.

Forage-First Lectures

In collaboration with Hay OptiMizer and System Equine Madeline presented on forage-first diets. 

This lecture covered both why a forage-based diet is important to equine well-being and how to optimize your horse's forage-based diet.

This lecture was presented twice at the 2023 Can-Am Equine Expo and once as a seminar evening at System Equine. 

A recording of the lecture will be available on the OptiMizer website.

Laminitis Clinic

Madeline was invited to present on the nutritional management when a diagnosis of endocrinopathic laminitis has been made. She was honoured to be a clinician alongside Dr. Michael Steward, Steve McConnell and Dr. Stephanie Crawford. This clinic was held February 11-12th, 2023 at the Ancaster Fair grounds. 

It was a great weekend full of learning with many passionate professionals and horse owners!!

Horse Canada & Horse Sport Magazine

Madeline is writing education articles for Horse Canada - Canada's horse lifestyle website. These articles will be unique and are available on their website! Follow the link below to see the first one: 

Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor is an exciting collaboration. Madeline loves to collaborate with companies that share a passion for research and evidence backed information. In addition to event attendance such as the Laminitis Clinic and Can-Am, Madeline will also be writing monthly educational blog posts about nutrition in relation to hoof health. 

Learn more about their products here! 

Read the blog posts here:

The Rider

Balanced Bay has been collaborating with The Rider newspaper. Madeline's "Fridays with Finn" blog posts are featured as a column in each issue. Some of the articles featured in the newspaper will be exclusive to The Rider, therefore, make sure you subscribe!!

Find out how to subscribe to the paper below:

Subscribe to The Rider Here 

Equine Guelph

Through attending the University of Guelph, Madeline had the opportunity to work with Equine Guelph on the creation of a course!

Senior horses are amongst her favourite to work with as it is so rewarding when they thrive into their elderly years. 

Check out the course here!

The Horse

The Horse is a guide to equine health care that offers daily horse industry news and covers current horse-related research. 

Madeline is excited to be contributing to their nutrition content. Please see the links below to read some of the educational articles! 


Contact Madeline at or at 289-259-5101

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