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We wouldn't be able to do what we do without our lovely clients. Balanced Bay is dedicated to simplifying nutrition programs, identifying and addressing nutritional deficiencies as well as supporting horse owners through every step of the process. This page is dedicated to both testimonials from the horse owners and pictures of their horses of course!! Scroll down to see the beautiful equids that Balanced Bay has had the pleasure of working with.

"I highly recommend Madeline, she is very knowledgeable and offers practical suggestions for improving your horse's diet. She considers all factors surrounding the horse, management and finances. She has my horse on a sustainable plan and I am already seeing positive results. Every horse owner should be working with a nutritionist to make sure your horse is reaching their potential (and also make sure you're not wasting money on unnecessary things too)!"

~ Ana

"My favourite part of Balanced Bay was the very detailed report that showed the current diet with all the deficiencies and then a clear dietary plan with easy action items. I would highly recommend Balanced Bay to others, Madeline is extremely knowledgeable about what she does and offers unbiased and scientific nutritional evaluation of your horse. She even makes sure her proposed diet plan and action items are easy to implement for the owner, which is really nice as it makes for a smooth transition to an optimal diet. She did a very thorough analysis of my horse and his lifestyle and the end result was a very simple adjustment of his diet! 

~ Hannah

"In the fall I contacted Balanced Bay for my 23 year old Quarter horse in order to support his hoof health and maintain his weight over the winter. Madeline came out to the farm, took full measurements of him and then analyzed our current feeding practices.  She worked with me in order to find a food that would balance his diet, something that I could easily access at my regular feed store, and something that he would eat. It is now spring and I am happy to report that he hasn't lost any weight this winter and his hoof health is improving."

~ Jen

"I hired Madeline to give me a diet that works for two different horses. One that is overweight and the other that has hindgut ulcers and at an average weight. I got my hay tested and sent her what I was feeding both horses. She sent me a report that allows me to feed both boys what minerals they were missing and a diet that will allow the overweight horse to hopefully trim up. I would highly recommend reaching out to her. I am now also saving money on supplements that they did not need." 

~ Barbara

"It definitely takes the guess work out of managing your herd. Having varying ages, breeds and body condition in my herd, the needs can vary drastically. Madeline will find a way to simplify what can feel daunting for someone caring for multiple horses with differing needs."

~ Sara

"I like that Madeline comes to the farm and assesses all aspects of the horse's life. This includes what their feeding schedule is, what their daily routine is and their overall daily life. Madeline is open to working with a variety of health and nutrition issues.  In order to work as a team it helps to have all your animals health issues accessible so you can better address your animals needs."

~ Nicki

"My favourite aspect of Balanced Bay is that Madeline was able to work with the products we already fed, and did not push other brands/products. She was very easy to talk to and ask questions, during the consultation I felt that nothing was overcomplicated and I could easily follow what was being discussed." 

~ Clema

"I love that Balanced Bay is not affiliated with any specific brands. I would highly recommend Madeline to any horse owner that is concerned about their horse's nutrition. Getting someone to evaluate all aspects of your horse's diet is invaluable."

~ Cathy

"My favourite aspect of Balanced Bay was the expertise of Madeline and her willingness to listen. I also liked that she reported research results. It is a great service and was very helpful."

~ F.B.

"You can see the love of horses in Madeline. She wasn't there for business, but really to help the animal."

~ C.J

"I reached out to Balanced Bay because the goal for my horses is to have them in great condition! My favourite aspect of Balanced Bay was the ability to know what they are eating. I found the service super worth it!!"

~ Aline

"My favourite aspect of Balanced Bay is how thorough everything is! It is well worth doing to help your horse's health and well-being."

~ Kaitlyn


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